CAPTURED AND THEN - André,René,Laurent

In the Footsteps of French Prisoners of War Part II
(HD 75 minutes - 2016)

Three French prisoners of war in Germany: the fun-loving RENÉ building a motorway in Austria, the hard-working ANDRÉ in a feather factory in Sauerland, the rebellious LAURENT always on the run. Their children and grandchildren talk about them 70 years later.

We follow their traces and find: a colleague of LAURENT's from the penal camp - a cemetery for 3500 Russians - a paramedic in conflict with the Gestapo - a farmer's family that RENE remembers only very vaguely - a contemporary witness who may have played with ANDRÉ as a child... How do ANDRE, RENE and LAURENT deal with the powerlessness in captivity? What do the Germans and Austrians they meet make of their power towards the "strangers"? What is passed on from all this, what is not? What remains? What is forgotten?

Trailer German/French

English trailer in preparation

Screening of CAPTIF ET PUIS - André, René, Laurent (CAPTURED AND THEN) in the presence of contemporary witness Ani Nys.
in Sumène, March 2017

Historical tour of Salzburg-Liefering before the screening of CAPTIF ET PUIS (CAPTURED AND THEN) in May 2017.